Sarah’s Sight

Now reader, what I’m about to write may not be a big deal to you, but it is to me…I love wearing glasses. Glasses are a part of my face; a part of my being. So, here’s the news…

I’m getting new glasses…IN TWO DAYS!! 

Yup. Aaaah!! After 4 hours, in over four different opticians last week, I FINALLY found comfort in two frames in Specsavers. (I’m so thankful that I did this last week! This week, I’ve been flopped on the sofa poorly! Booooo!)

I LOVE the frames that I’ve chosen for my next stage in life. They’re comfortable, big and suit me. My current specs have unfortunately gone a bit rusty and I felt like I needed a change before I get married next year. (WHOOP!) 🙂

Even though I’m happy and relieved to have finally found new specs, I can’t stop but feel a little nostalgic about my current specs. So let’s talk about it… (Blogging helps the grieving process, ya know?)

You see, when I was eleven, I was relieved that I needed glasses. I had started to think that I was stupid for not being able to see the board at school, or for not being able to work out if someone in the distance was walking towards me or away from me.

Even though I loved the fact that I could see things, between the ages of eleven to eighteen, I rarely allowed people to take photographs of me with glasses on. I just thought my face looked silly, and looking back, I unfortunately still feel that way. The frames just weren’t right. So, I made a change.

At the age of nineteen, just before I started my second year of university, I got my current glasses and I adored them. For the past 4 and a half years, I have felt comfortable and ‘me’ in these glasses. From the very first day of owning them, I wore them in photographs and have been so proud of them.

Whilst wearing these glasses, I…

  • Discovered what it means to have true friends
  • Gave presentations, wrote tales and analysed literature at undergraduate level
  • Moved to Winchester for my final year at university
  • Wrote my 10k dissertation
  • Graduated with a 2.1 degree
  • Started my first full time job

And now here comes the soppier stuff. Whilst wearing these glasses, I…14448947_10154612470163478_3871339920353988259_n

  • Found a best friend
  • Fell in love
  • Braved it and had my first kiss
  • Went on lots of dates and continued to fall in love
  • Got engaged to Scott in Rome

(All in this order!)

Nerdyness and joy; perfect examples of what my life has been like since putting on these specs all of those years ago.

I am so thankful that these glasses helped me to love who I am. They have been part of ‘me’ for a long time and I’m so grateful. I will always be so fond of them, and will certainly not be getting rid of them. However, the time has come for a change. It’s not a very drastic change, in fact, I bet the majority won’t even see a difference! All the same, I’m excited for my new, fresh look that’ll feature in our engagement photo shoot with our wedding photographer in a few weeks – yay! 🙂

As a final note, to those who dislike their appearance, remember that you are unique. Truly unique and wonderful.

Embrace your face; frames or no frames.


Blame It On The Boogie

It really annoys me when people say that they hate dancing.

There, I said it.

To my friends who have said this to me in the past, I hope I haven’t offended you, I still love you dearly, but your lack of boogie frustrates me.


I really have said it now.

I am pretty passionate about dancing. The Charleston, Jive, Salsa, Streetdance…you name it, I’m passionate about it. So much so, my dancing style is a hybrid of all of these. Freestyle is just my favourite thing to do. I feel truly alive when I dance. I’m at my happiest.

The rest of the time, if I’m not dancing or near a dog, I don’t know how to ‘be’. Dance and dogs are just about the only things I understand about the world. Just last night I was looking after my dog, who was scared by the bangs of fireworks, wrapping him up in a blanket whilst critiquing the dancers on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. The judges would then repeat my exact critiques to the couple just after I’d say them. I just get it, you know? One day, I hope to marry a chap who loves dance and dogs just as much as me. If a guy dislikes or is impartial about either of these, then he just won’t make the grade unfortunately.  Sorry guys, I’m a tough one to please!

In August, I went to an incredible Christian festival called ‘Momentum’. If you haven’t heard of Momentum before, it’s basically one huge field filled with thousands upon thousands of people all who believe in Jesus. (He’s a brilliant bloke by the way team! God put all of his best qualities into this man who walked the earth to show people what God was REAAALLY like. ‘Cos humans had lost sight of who God really was. He did loads of cool stuff too. Like, heal people, bring kindness to those who no one was kind to anymore and he took on a lot of stuff. Like, you know all of those rubbish feelings we all feel sometimes after doing something bad? He took all of those feelings and bad stuff, and died so that we don’t have to feel like that anymore. So that, if we believe in Him, we can live guilt-free lives that strive to be for God, not for ourselves. Oh and he defied death by rising again from the dead. So, this means that, if we believe in Him, we too can defy death and live in Heaven. He’s actually pretty darn brilliant. Think about it… 🙂 )

So, danceyes, I went to this awesome camping festival where we had morning and evening meetings in this HUUUUUGE tent. Live music was played where we sung songs, heard encouraging words and learnt more about what it is to be a Christian. In the evenings were late night cafes, sports halls and mini clubs. I absolutely danced my butt off at this place. At the end of the 5 days, I came home with a really achey tummy. I wondered what the flip had happened to me…then, I realised. I’d pulled my stomach muscles from the amount of dancing I’d done. 🙂 Brilliant! And I love that. Dancing injuries are the best injuries. ‘Cos I know that I’ve had a good day/night from such injuries.acedffcfd09e2936e38a2e15d1881912

My friends and I just had the best time away together. Dance was one huge factor that really brought us all together. Gorgi and I even befriended a group of strangers one night at Momentum and just started dancing around with them during a main meeting. We even went out dancing with them later that night! So so much fun. Gorgi and I also went to a Jive class session at Momentum. We were quite excited to go, but when we got there, it was just a bunch of people not really knowing what they were doing and weren’t really dancing. So, we went to Cafe Uno next door instead and literally danced our socks off. (I actually lost a sock in that place. Gutted.)

Dancing makes me ‘me’! I use it as an expression of celebrating what God has given me. I dance because it makes me truly happy. I don’t need alcohol to dance. In fact, I don’t even drink! But, people at university often thought I was drunk on nights out due to my exuberance on the dance floor. I found/find this amusing. But it also makes me sad that some people think that they need alcohol to have a good time. This is so wrong!

Team, stop caring about what people think about you. Honestly, not caring set me free. I danced like crazy in an aisle at Momentum by myself for a good half an hour. I’m pretty sure I even whacked a few people in the face. But, do I care? Hmm, not really. People could have thought that I looked like an idiot, but I had the best time, and that’s all that really matters.

To all of those who don’t dance because of what others think about you…please just dance anyway. Or at least try. Life’s too short to have a heightened sense of insecurity about your body. Smile and just boogie. Boogie. Boogie. Boogie.



• Glasses Are A Gift.


Glasses are such an incredible invention. Seriously. Without them, I’d be lost. Quite literally. I’d probably be roaming around in a forest somewhere, blearily wandering through the trees as I’m so short sighted. Yet, some people hate wearing specs. “WHY OH WHY?”, I ASK!

Okay, so, as a girl who has now worn glasses for nearly 10 years, I can completely understand why many people resort to the wonderfully weird invention of contact lenses. Some wear contacts for sports reasons (I get that, don’t worry), but many people (especially girls) don’t want to wear their glasses because they think it’s uncool and unattractive to wear them. This makes me rather sad, for actually, everyone has the ability to be truly beautiful. It’s actually all about how people wear their personality that makes them attractive. 

I used to hate the fact that I wore glasses. From the ages of 11-18, I used to take off my glasses in photographs because I thought that I looked like such a DUFUS with them on. I’m just so sad that I was ashamed of wearing specs and was essentially ashamed of my appearance. So, I invested in a new pair of glasses which I adore. They’re huge, fill my face and make me appear brilliantly nerdy. Whoop whoop! I was then happy with ‘me’; in appearance and confidence.

Here are a few fun things that make glasses brilliant:

1. If I don’t like a situation, I can just take my glasses off!!! For I’m not REALLY there anymore. It’s fab. I can just be in my own blurry world and it’s so fun.

2. Walking from the cold air and into a warm building is ALWAYS a joyous occasion. Steamed up specs. PHOAR. FOXY. Okay, so it can actually be quite embarrassing, but if you just laugh it off, it can be quite a funny situation. And foggy glasses can be quite a fun conversation starter…?!

3. I look nerdy with glasses on. And I am a nerd anyway. Basically, I rather enjoy enhancing my nerdy-ness.

4. You can reinvent your face with facial furniture! Get new specs for a new look. You’ll feel fab.

5. You can also play with glasses. Like, for girls (sorry chaps), we can put our hair over our faces, then put our glasses on. The result? A hairy-faced monster girl. It’s great for making kids/dogs amused. 

6. OR IF YOU ARE A LOVELY MALE…you can be like Jude Law in   The Holiday as Mr Napkinhead! Girls LOVE it. 

7. Glasses are like my own little television screens. My life is basically a little TV programme! And so when I take them off, that’s when I feel like I’m in reality. It’s quite nice to MIX it up a bit!

So, basically, what I’m saying is, if you need to wear glasses, don’t hide your specs from the world. I’m sure you look fab in them. And, all of those who don’t wear glasses, well you’d better start making your eyes bad…BECAUSE GLASSES ARE AN AMAZING GIFT AND THEY’RE FLIPPIN FANTASTIC.

Sort-of rant over. 🙂

• Have Confidence In Yourself

chrisopherThere was a point in my life when I really used to care what people thought about me. I’d often stay quiet as I was worried that I’d say something stupid. To be honest, I still say the most RIDICULOUS things, but now I’ve found great friends who find this hilarious – the point is, in the past, I didn’t have the confidence to be ‘me’.

However, it changed when I hit university. People had let me down a lot in the past and I decided to not let these people get to me anymore. So, I decided to be a bit ridiculous, make a fool out of myself a bit more, let go and be me! I soon found friends who appreciated me for who I am and I’m WAY more happier and confident because of this!

So, be a little bit crazy and step out with confidence!

When you’re walking down the street with your friends, why don’t you just start singing Disney songs in unison? Or whack out some crazy dance moves in public? 🙂 During the Christmas period of 2012, two of my close friends and me started playing the ‘Bogies’ game in Winchester High Street. Instead of shouting ‘bogies’ as loud as we could, we shouted out different cheese names. From near and far, people heard the words ‘Brie’, ‘Cheddar’, ‘Wensleydale’ being exclaimed. The woman by the cheese market stall was LOVING IT. It was so funny and I loved how I could be ‘me’ with some great friends.

As Christopher Robin says in Winnie the Pooh; ‘You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.’ 

Create some memories, laugh until the sun goes down, be spontaneous, but most of all, BE YOU. There is only one of you, so why don’t you make the most of who you are? Have confidence in who you are and don’t hold back the urge to step out and be YOU!

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