• What Makes Someone Beautiful?

It seems that nowadays the ‘beauty’ in a girl/woman is defined by how much make-up she is wearing to cover up her blemishes, or how much skin she is showing to onlookers. Even as I write this, YouTube is open in a separate tab, and for some bizarre reason the background of the page is Lady Gaga wearing next-to-nothing apart from a wad of eye-liner. Why the need to project this image to the world? Young girls can become obsessed by looking at photographs of celebrities and are often left disappointed by how they look in comparison to the well known figure and also to those around them.

I, personally, have found this in my life. Growing up, I was a little bit of a tomboy and to this day I genuinely don’t know how to plait hair! Girls in the playground were discussing what they were going to wear to so-and-so’s party and wondering who they would impress but all I really wanted to do was to go to a party and boogie the night away no matter how sweaty I got or if my hair fell out of place (even at the age of ten!). Despite this, I came home from school and wonder what life would be like if I was really as pretty as the other girls. To this day, I still search the internet and flick through magazines looking for the latest hairstyle and wonder how Reese Witherspoon has styled her fringe so it doesn’t keep poking her in the eyes!

Unfortunately, as time has gone on, young girls seem to be in competition with one another to be ‘the prettiest’ by wearing the most make-up or shortening their skirt the most. Being a mentor during school to those in younger years has shown me this. In Year 7, the timid fresh faced girls would enter the class looking smart and ready for the day. Soon, as time went on, girls would be late to morning tutor as they were quickly applying foundation and more mascara onto their already blackened lashes in the school toilets. I’m not saying anything bad against these girls, as they are lovely and beautiful people, but is this really what they view beauty as? Making your face orange to cover up supposed blemishes?

In my opinion, this idea of ‘beauty’ has been broadcast to young women all over the world through the media; through fashion magazines and through television. ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ springs to mind here; women plastering themselves with make-up, slapping on fake tan and wearing low-cut dresses to impress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying, “Look like a nun for the rest of your life! Don’t wear your hair down! Don’t wear make-up! Wear clothes that’ll cover up every inch of skin!” I’m purely stating that self image is being undermined because of comparisons and how celebrities are portraying a false idea of what ‘beauty’ is.

So I guess the question you’re asking is, so what is ‘beauty’ then? Okay, so you see the picture of the Queen at the bottom of this post? I took that photograph — I was extremely lucky to see the Queen and Philip in July at The New Forest Show and I was so close the both of them, I could have touched them. The moment Queen Elizabeth stepped out of the car, I actually had to take in a massive breath for she looked so beautiful. Classy, confident with a large smile on her face as she walked towards us. That is what ‘beauty’ is all about. Being comfortable in yourself and smiling – this is all you need to be beautiful in this world.

There’s no need to wear certain clothes to get a guy’s attention or plaster your face with make-up (which will only hide who you really are) — be yourself, smile and laugh the day away — that’s beautiful. The Queen