The Two Years Anniversary Thingy

On 6th February 2015, two years ago today, Scott and I were sat in my car. (Click on his name for his blog!) Back in those days I had little Frodo, my black Ford KA; not as mighty as my current white Toyota Aygo, Gandalf. (I wonder where Frodo is nowadays…?)

Finally, and easily, Scott and I admitted that we had feelings for each other. I say ‘easily’ because it simply just made sense; it was easy to tell this chap that I really rather liked him. Being single for 21 years and never revealing feelings for anyone meant this task should have been difficult. However, the words slid off my tongue like butter as Scott’s hand graced over mine.

From that moment, life was very different. Doing admin work at the bible college Scott does his BA Theology degree at meant that I was unsure of how everyone would take the news. So, to ensure that we 100% knew it was right and of God, we began to get to know each other properly. After gazes, smiles, yearnings, quick conversations and cheeky singing-at-the-piano-together-on-group-pub-trips, we actually hadn’t had the chance to have time alone.

The dates that followed are shiny, golden memories. We got to know one another, spent hours laughing, going on pub dates, exploring beaches, the New Forest and even my university city of Winchester.

And quite honestly, we were falling in love with each other.

It was both exciting, full of joy and very few knew about us. Scott and I also decided to not kiss during this time.

On 8th May 2015, just over three months after the ‘expressing feelings’ night in February, after leaving my desk to pop into a stationery cupboard, I was asked by my colleague, “Sarah, I need to ask you something. Are you dating the student, Scott Rushby?”

Taking a seat, blundering over my words, I replied, “Um, well, yes, we’ve been exploring the idea of being together…but weren’t sure of how it would affect my work…”

And, well, to cut the story-in-the-office short, Scott and I were given my work’s blessing and there was nothing to worry about. Hurrah! I was elated. I could not believe it! I remember texting Scott and saying, “I’ll meet you by my car after work! WE DON’T HAVE TO HIDE ANYMORE!” (..he was confused.)

Later that evening, after sharing joy with my parents, Scott and I went to my local pub where we shared our first kiss.

Since that night in February 2015, Scotty and I have learnt what a true relationship entails. We have learnt to celebrate the highs, seeking God in everything and aim to plan lots of joyful dates: alpaca trekking, trampolining, theatre trips, Monkey World-ing and Lindy Hop-ping spring to mind here!

As a team, we have also experienced lows; how to best cope as a pair when the other one struggles and experiencing the dark depths of mind struggles.  (I will write about this at some point, but only when I feel braver, stronger and more equipped to face the battles that can occur. I will get better one day though, so get yourselves ready for an awesome blog post in the near future!)

Stepping out in faith, trusting that glow in my chest, working as a team and living for God with the man of my dreams has been a journey that I never thought I’d take. I am beyond thankful to those who guide us through the adventures and support us in all things.

So, *raising an invisible glass of liquid sunshine (OJ)*: To my darling Scott, cheers to two years since our “I have feelings for you” evening! The memory of that day in February is very special to me. It was the day I finally got my alpaca loving; Harry Potter nerding; garlic bread devouring; dog cuddling; instrument playing goofball who is my bearded best friend, beloved boogie partner and my faithful future husband. Thank you for standing by me and pointing me to Jesus in everything, Scott.

Two years down, and just under a year and a half ‘til we’re wed! Let’s do this thaaang!