Shall I Stop Celebrating? No.

I’ve recently been criticized for how I portray my life on social media.

One main point was about how I post about my boyfriend. I was told that I might make other people who don’t have good relationships, or a boyfriend at all, feel crap about their life.

In my opinion, for this to be said to me is utter guff. Unfollow me if it upsets you. I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 21. I didn’t get sad about my friends being in relationships with people they were happy with. I was happy seeing pictures of them in my news feed. I just knew that the right man wasn’t in my life at the time, so I was happy being happy for them!

So, shall I stop being positive on social media and stop sharing my joy with my friends?

No. No I will not.

I am currently going through some anxiety issues and life inside my mind isn’t all wonderful and joyful. I cry a lot. And no, I don’t put these moments on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, because I don’t want to. Simple. That would make me feel even more sad by dwelling upon it further.

Instead, when something makes me happy or great things happen, I will post about it to my friends and I will celebrate the person or the situation.

So, if you’re bothered by me trying to update y’all about my life/relationship/the joys/the fun pictures or whatever, then please remove me from your newsfeed or unfollow me or delete me. I’d hate to fuel your insecurity. I’m just not going to post things about how tired I am, or how sad I’m feeling about something, or a selfie of me doing a really strenuous poo. I just won’t. Sorrrrry.

My true friends are the ones who message me and want to meet my boyfriend and who celebrate the joys and console me in my lows.

Thank you for listening.

Happy new day.



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