“There’s Nothing Like A Friday Night Fish and Chips”

Sipping my J20, excitement buzzed in my chest.

(Orange and Passion Fruit is my usual choice and yet my first ever evening out in Portsmouth could only supply me with Apple and Mango which, well, is equally glorious.)

As the juice touched my lips and just as my man’s eyes were looking contently into mine, the lights started to dim and a series of drumbeats flooded the air.

Two days previously, my amazing Mum discovered that my favourite band, The Shires, were to play in Portsmouth. So, after an excitable phone call with Scott, an impromptu decision and exclamations brimming with glee, the tickets were booked at midnight.

The Shires are an English duo who sing country music filled with stunning, honest and uplifting lyrics. They never sing about sad things and they have the most stunning voices. They make me super duper happy.

First came ‘All Over Again’ and this song means so much to me as the lyrics basically describe my relationship and I just adore it. I’m sure the lady stood next to us wasn’t overly pleased with my squeals and LOUD singing. But it’s okay. Because I had an epic time.

Scott and I have had awesome, creative dates and this one was easily one of the best. It was our first concert together and singing along to all of my favourite songs, practically weeping when they covered ‘Runaway’ by The Corrs and boogying away just made it so fun. And Crissie and Ben’s voices sound INCREDIBLE live, which made the whole experience even more special.

Crissie and Ben also sang a song called, ‘Made In England’. It was one that we hadn’t heard before and it’s such a lush song about the beauty of our country.

Ever since hearing this song, I’ve been playing it on repeat in my car whilst driving to and from work. I have the privilege of driving down beautiful country lanes to get to work and the lyrics in this song reiterate the stunning surroundings we are blessed with in England.

The song is a reminder to enjoy and love the little things that add comfort to our days. These things really need to be remembered, acknowledged and fully appreciated. The day when your mind is playing tricks on you or you just feel down, such joys drag you back up out of the depths of your bad headspace.

Since falling in love, I started to refuse to listen to sad songs. Songs about heartbreak, bad relationships and sadness are just no longer relevant and I find it pointless and stupid even bothering to listen to them. That’s why I love The Shires. Because their songs remind us of the positivity in life, in positive relationships and in ourselves.

Something I keep reminding myself of at the moment is to keep finding joy in the small things and each other. Listen to good music and learn from the words sung. And ultimately, just really appreciate the people you love and continue to work on connecting with each other. Those people are the ones who make the little things even more beautiful.


(Totally buy The Shires’ album, ‘Brave’. You won’t regret it!)


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