I call it magic. I call it true. I call it magic, when I’m with you.

I used to think that Chris Martin was a right muffin when I heard those lyrics.

Once upon a time, when I was a wee little Sarah White, I made the decision to wait for the right chap to rock up in my life. I hid when kiss chase ran around the playground. I turned down offers of courtship in the Year 6 choir. I even tore up a Valentines card in Year 4. (And for good measure, I put soap and water on in it in the girl’s loo, then shoved it in the bin. I was a meanie.)

Secondary school then came and went. I had a blast, naturally. I spent the days laughing and attempted to be intelligent. I grew up to be the goofy girl who felt comfortable bellowing with laughter. A few Drama performances were thrown in and I loved growing in confidence.

University was hilarious. I made the bestest friends. I learnt so much about myself during the three years. I challenged myself daily and found joy in each moment.

However, I then finished my degree and my confidence was shaken. I didn’t quite understand how I could enjoy life after university. I no longer had my challenge of analysing literature, seeing my best friends every day or even just having the joy of studying. And I didn’t think that I’d ever be blessed enough to have a guy in my life.

You see, I’m a picky girl. After 21 years of waiting and learning to love and feel completely comfortable with myself, I’d developed quite a list of things that I wanted in a guy. My flatmates once found my ‘list’ of things I wanted in a guy in the bottom drawer of my wardrobe. It was seen as impossible to ever find a guy that fitted all of my criteria.

So, alas, I prepared myself mentally for a life of singleness. And, well, as sad as that could be seen, I was prepared for that.

But, God had other plans.

I met this guy. Who is pretty darn great. And well, I won’t go all gushy and soppy in my blog, but well, I totally know what Chris Martin means now when he sings about magic.

I’m incredibly proud to be his girlfriend and I had the gift of sharing my first ever kiss with him.

Ladies and gents. I urge you to hold out for something wonderful. Grow as an individual. Wait. Be patient. Learn to love yourself. Don’t feel like having a boyfriend or a girlfriend will complete you. Work on yourself. Be the best you can be for when you meet your special person. Pray continually. Seek above.

“I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5

I’m so pleased that I waited to have my first kiss at 21. I know I’m in the minority with that, but if you still haven’t had your first kiss, don’t be ashamed of that. It’s a beautiful and wonderful thing to save.

Wait for someone who you can laugh for hours with. Who you can do your favourite things with. Who you can pray and read the bible with. It’s a beautiful thing when you are rewarded for your patience, trust me. 🙂