Being Thankful

“We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed or broken. We are perplexed, but we don’t give up. God never abandons us! We get up again and keep going.” taken from 2 Corinthians 4: 8-9 (NLT)

Confusion, grief and upset can make us feel like all of the bad stuff is closing in on us; like we’re stumbling through a deep and dark forest that is overcrowded with trees.

It can seem like there isn’t a way out.

However, God will gradually chop down these trees. The sun’s light will shine; the path will eventually be clearer in front of us. We have to remember that God is so much greater than any situation.

For God does not, will not and will never abandon us; even in the deepest and darkest woods.

The pronoun of ‘we’ is so meaningful in these verses from 2 Corinthians. For example, “We are perplexed, but we don’t give up. […] We get up again and keep going.’ This is an incredible reminder of the incredible gift of community that God has given us. That ‘we’ as God’s people are doing life together. We must stick together to comfort and encourage one another in both the sad and joyful times.

My good friend went up to Heaven on Saturday morning. I have screamed. I have sobbed. I have shouted. I have bought flowers. I have written my memories down. I have been comforted and have offered comfort to others. And now, I am irritated. I miss him. I want him to walk through the door and resume all of our conversations I was waiting to have with him.

Grief is odd and I’m finding it hard. But, these verses in 2 Corinthians have kept me going. I am perplexed, but I won’t give up on each day. I will fight and be strong to be who I am, for God has not and will not abandon me.

I am incredibly blessed to be loved by some amazing people; people who pop their heads into the office just to make me smile. People who simply give me cuddles. People who let me cry on their shoulders at church. People who give me chocolate for the sake of giving me chocolate.

I am very thankful. Thankful for my friend who is in a greater place, and thankful for those who I surround myself with.

And ultimately, we mustn’t be bitter. We have to be thankful and remain so. That way, our hearts are glad and our spirits will not be crushed.

– Dedicated to Rick Cole; 1990 – 2015.


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