Who I Am

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I’m mostly loud, but am often quiet; or I at least crave stillness. Yet, I cannot go a day without music drifting in my ears.

I like to be succinct, but regularly waffle.

Dance is my sunshine. Mathematics is my rain.

I delight in caramelised onions. Scotch eggs scare me.

Laughter is a wonderful gift; it should be shared regularly.

Dogs remind me of the beauty of creation. My dog is my best friend.

The forest and beach are my escape.

Photographs help me remember the days that should be remembered; such beauty should be captured.

Selfies are a lovely addition to modern photography; they show people, in some bizarre way, that they are appreciated.

Jesus is my God, my refuge and biggest inspiration. He loves even when the individual appears unlovable.

I eat crisps. A lot.

Stories intrigue me. Stories drag me into worlds, teach me about our world, and teach me morals to demonstrate in my world.

I like to regularly encourage people and tell them what their strengths are.

Books and films fill my space. I am a dreamer.

I try to make others happy, even when I’m not feeling particularly content. Words are so important. Humourous, encouraging and loving words, I repeat, are so important.

To be a ‘four eyes’ is an incredible thing. For ten years, I have seen the world. Without such an incredible invention, I would not have seen the beauty of life. I am very grateful for glasses.

I have curves. Sometimes, I wish I don’t look the way I do. I look to well-known figures and friends and wish that I looked like them. However, I think I just realised something. Something that I haven’t really just realised actually; for it’s something that people have been telling me for years, but I think I finally understand it…

…everyone is different. So beautifully different. If everyone had their own idea of perfection, then surely perfection wouldn’t exist anymore? Actually, I’m pretty sure if people magically achieved their “perfect” image, then they’d still find flaws in it. I just watched the film, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which has Tom Hanks in it, of course. (I collect his films, for I love his acting and simply adore the chap.) The film focuses on a young boy whose father died in 9/11. I learnt so much from the film, (you must see it!) but one thing that really struck me, was the way the boy and mother spoke fondly of the mannerisms of the man they loved so much. It got me thinking; there are people out there who love you so much for everything you are, so you should love you for everything you are. I know that this sounds like some cheesy self-help book, but I think it’s pretty accurate.

So, the next time you look in the mirror and are disappointed with the reflection, just remember that you were incredibly and wonderfully made. You are loved for everything that makes up who you are; people appreciate you for your individual mannerisms. Embrace the things you love and that make up your day-to-day routine. Fully appreciate the things about the world that you admire. Make these known to your friends, family and later pass on your joys to your children. Be comfortable with your appearance. Have character. If you’re single, stop wishing that you weren’t. There is a right time for you to find someone. You are brilliant and wonderful just as you are for the moment. Be joyful in who you are right now. Time spent wishing you were something else or in a different situation is just silly. All of the points above are things that make up who I am and I’m learning more about myself each day. I am who I am. I am the daughter of three wonderful parents; my beautiful mother, my wonderful father, and my God in Heaven. I was created to be this way. So, why oh why would I wish to be anything else? wordpress


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