• Glasses Are A Gift.


Glasses are such an incredible invention. Seriously. Without them, I’d be lost. Quite literally. I’d probably be roaming around in a forest somewhere, blearily wandering through the trees as I’m so short sighted. Yet, some people hate wearing specs. “WHY OH WHY?”, I ASK!

Okay, so, as a girl who has now worn glasses for nearly 10 years, I can completely understand why many people resort to the wonderfully weird invention of contact lenses. Some wear contacts for sports reasons (I get that, don’t worry), but many people (especially girls) don’t want to wear their glasses because they think it’s uncool and unattractive to wear them. This makes me rather sad, for actually, everyone has the ability to be truly beautiful. It’s actually all about how people wear their personality that makes them attractive. 

I used to hate the fact that I wore glasses. From the ages of 11-18, I used to take off my glasses in photographs because I thought that I looked like such a DUFUS with them on. I’m just so sad that I was ashamed of wearing specs and was essentially ashamed of my appearance. So, I invested in a new pair of glasses which I adore. They’re huge, fill my face and make me appear brilliantly nerdy. Whoop whoop! I was then happy with ‘me’; in appearance and confidence.

Here are a few fun things that make glasses brilliant:

1. If I don’t like a situation, I can just take my glasses off!!! For I’m not REALLY there anymore. It’s fab. I can just be in my own blurry world and it’s so fun.

2. Walking from the cold air and into a warm building is ALWAYS a joyous occasion. Steamed up specs. PHOAR. FOXY. Okay, so it can actually be quite embarrassing, but if you just laugh it off, it can be quite a funny situation. And foggy glasses can be quite a fun conversation starter…?!

3. I look nerdy with glasses on. And I am a nerd anyway. Basically, I rather enjoy enhancing my nerdy-ness.

4. You can reinvent your face with facial furniture! Get new specs for a new look. You’ll feel fab.

5. You can also play with glasses. Like, for girls (sorry chaps), we can put our hair over our faces, then put our glasses on. The result? A hairy-faced monster girl. It’s great for making kids/dogs amused. 

6. OR IF YOU ARE A LOVELY MALE…you can be like Jude Law in   The Holiday as Mr Napkinhead! Girls LOVE it. 

7. Glasses are like my own little television screens. My life is basically a little TV programme! And so when I take them off, that’s when I feel like I’m in reality. It’s quite nice to MIX it up a bit!

So, basically, what I’m saying is, if you need to wear glasses, don’t hide your specs from the world. I’m sure you look fab in them. And, all of those who don’t wear glasses, well you’d better start making your eyes bad…BECAUSE GLASSES ARE AN AMAZING GIFT AND THEY’RE FLIPPIN FANTASTIC.

Sort-of rant over. 🙂


One thought on “• Glasses Are A Gift.

  1. I love my glasses! I admit that I take them off when I get home because they like to slide off my face too much when I’m cleaning/dealing with kids, but I eagerly chose glasses over contacts any day! 🙂 🙂

    I think yoru right we should Own our glasses in photos!

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