• Afraid? Just Do It Anyway!

Where does your joy come from? Have a think about it as you read this short blog.

My joy comes from dancing and laughing; these two often combine, which is great! This year, I made my first proper New Years Resolution. I’ve been too afraid to make them before as I am rubbish at keeping to things like that! I decided that I was going to learn a new dance; the Jive. I’ve done a bit of salsa and samba in Zumba classes for the past few years and I wanted to try more after being a massive Strictly fan!

I’ve always desired to go out and try new things. But I unfortunately sometimes feel afraid. Like we all do. Afraid of what others might think. Afraid of failure. Afraid of showing the people around me who I really am. So, even though I’ve always had desires to do something I’d truly love to do, I used to shy away and not do it out of fear. It doesn’t help either that I have introvert tendencies and get my energy from being by myself, so chucking myself into social situations with lots of new people is always a bit of a shock to the system. But, I still try the best I can to push through those nervous feelings and make sure that I am ‘me’ with others. So, the thought of doing something completely new was terrifying. Not because it involves shaking my booootaaaay – because I love doing that. No, it was because I was scared of stepping out into the world to do something different.

So, the New Year rocked up. I decided to go for it. I put on some make up and a smile (and clothes, of course) and went to Winchester Guild Hall – by myself, to have a Jive lesson. I didn’t know anyone there and I walked in looking like a right prune! But, I forced myself to mingle. (I hate that word, but it’s true!) I introduced myself to others and pushed through all of the nervous energy in my tummy. And, well, the evening was incredible. I met so many hilarious people and I got to learn so much from the amazing teachers. I soon felt myself when I was in the ballroom and I spent the evening laughing my head off! The people I met told me that they were impressed that I was so confident on my first lesson…hahahaha, if only they knew how much I was freaking out prior to dancing…!

Now, have you thought of the thing that brings you the most joy? Maybe it’s a particular hobby? Seeing a particular person? Going to a particular place? Or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but you were too scared to do it?

Whatever brings you pure joy, do it. Otherwise, you will regret it and well, regrets are POOEY. 🙂

Lots of people say the flippin’ annoying phrase, ‘YOLO’…well, it’s yolotrue, you do only live on this earth once. (You can experience so much joy if you believe in the ‘man upstairs’ too, because, after our time on earth, there is a heap load more joy to come in Heaven. Think about it.)

So, crack on and do what genuinely makes you happy! Come on, you know what to do…


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