• The Beauty of Snow

DSC_0378Do you like snow or loathe it? Is it an inconvenience or a joy? Yesterday I heard someone say that snow is the weather equivalent of Marmite, either everyone loves it or hates it! I can assure those crazy few who were wondering, snow DOES NOT taste like Marmite…trust me, I ate A LOT of it yesterday. (I strangely did.) If you didn’t know, or if you’ve had your head stuck down a rabbit’s hole for the past week, the UK has had lots and lots of lovely snow! Every Facebook status has been about snow; ‘#snow’ was trending on Twitter and 20 minutes of a half an hour BBC News programme was focused on how the snow has affected our very silly British lives.

I always find it amusing how News programmes seem to focus on all of the negatives that the snow brings to the country when opening the show, rather than all of the positives about snow! This purely enhances the stereotypical British thing to do; to MOAN ABOUT THE WEATHER! Whether it’s to moan about travel delays, ice or school closures, you can rely on the British to grumble about it.

SO, I feel that it is my role as a young Hampshire girl to bring a little bit of joy to the world by focusing on the positives of things that life chucks our way! So, here we go, and enjoy!


1. It brings a community together – whilst in the snow yesterday, me and my brother were making Imagean 8ft tall snowman in the front garden! Everyone was LOVING IT! (see photograph) He was so high up, he even had a crown on with holly leaves sticking out! Children were smiling and laughing, people pointed as they slowly drove along and several people stopped to talk to both myself and my brother! An old man and my brother talked for about 10 minutes as my brother struggled with a huge ball of snow! An elderly lady started telling me about her skiing holiday! A random dog ran into my house at one point, (which made myself and the owner laugh a lot!) and one guy on a bike laughed with me as he saw me struggling with the wide body of our soon-to-be snowman! I also saw my best friend from Infant School of whom I hadn’t spoken to in many years! It was so lovely to see him and see how much we’ve both grown up! To add another to the list, we even popped over to my neighbour’s house who we haven’t spoken to in months! People ACTUALLY start to talk to one another and the snow genuinely brought the community together!

2. It’s beautiful! Opening my curtains at 6.45am yesterday and seeing a beautiful white landscape ahead of me with an orange tint in the sky was VERY special. It’s a sight that we rarely see and it’s just stunning! Snow highlights and enhances the beauty of architecture, plants and people!

3. Everyone gets creative! People who don’t think they are creative suddenly become amateur sculptors! From snowmen to thrones made of snow, everyone’s imagination goes wild! Most whack out their cameras and take photographs of how beautiful our landscape becomes and take stunning and creative photographs. People’s hidden talents are revealed through snow!

4. It’s great exercise! I’m very aware this sounds ridiculous, but it’s so true! From running around like a freak chucking snowballs at one another, you will find that you have aches in muscles you didn’t even know existed! My arm is killing me as I threw SO many snowballs yesterday!snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

5. Snow makes people smile — yes, snow may inconvenience your day one way or another, but IT WILL make you smile. Guaranteed. If it’s through seeing a funny snowman, or seeing the beauty of it fills you with joy! Or if those don’t make you smile, the snow related jokes on Facebook and Twitter must make you smile a teeeeeensy little bit!!


6. It brings out your inner child! Everyone gets a little bit sillier and crazier! Who would have thought that throwing very cold, frozen rain at each other would be so much fun?! 🙂

What I’m saying is, embrace the snow! I could have gotten really upset about it snowing so heavily as it meant I couldn’t see my uni friends, BUT, I decided that I wouldn’t let it upset me and I had the BEST day with my family being the big kid that I am! 🙂

So Great Britain, stop moaning and start smiling!


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